By Dr. Ebi Ofrey CEO GeroCare

Let’s go on a grand journey to master medications and take over the world of senior health. Hold on tight because I am about to tell you how to handle your regular drugs.

First, let’s work on getting organized. It is best you get a pill holder with a place for each day of the week, so you never again mix up your morning and evening medicines.

I also know that the tiny letters on the bottles can be very hard to figure out we advise you ask your pharmacist or your doctor for help. All you need to know is when to take your medicines.

It can feel like trying to catch a butterfly with a fishing net when you’re trying to remember when to take your medicines. But don’t worry because technology is here to help. Set alarms on your phone or have someone set it for you and  you would be a time management pro in no time!

Don’t worry if you forget to take your medicine. Just continue where you left off and don’t give yourself a double dose.

Last but not least, keep track of all the medicines you take. It’s like giving your medical team a tip sheet. Write down the names, doses, and reasons for the medicines you take.¬†

So, let’s find our way through the maze of medications and become real Master of Health. With organization, the ability to read labels, reminders at the right times, and a “cheat sheet,” you’ll be able to manage the world of medications like a pro. Stay healthy, be happy, and let the magic of medicine begin!


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