The Young Shall Grow, The Old Shall Become Young

Younger children often require help from their parents to perform Activities of daily living, as they have not yet developed the skills necessary to perform them independently.

Common Activities of daily living include feeding ourselves, bathing, dressing, grooming, work, homemaking, cleaning oneself after defecating and leisure.

After a while, the younger ones will gain mastery of these skills and can perform them independently. Some few years later the parents become elderly due to a process called aging (people’s experiences change with aging; that is, including conditions like the taste, diet (nutrition)and food choice.

Primarily, this occurs when most people approach the age of 70 or older) and now finds it difficult to perform some of these skills on there own and would require the help of others but at this time the children are not always there to show such kind of love shown to them by their parents as the children cannot always live in the house they were born forever because they have to move on to make family of their own. 

Aging is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it should be something to dread. Though getting older can be a scary thought for some, taking the right steps while you age can make your experience a positive one.

The Love of the parent is so enormous that they sometimes prefer to suffer than to become a burden on their children, they undergo several pains, endured sickness for so long a time and still bear much sleepless night as they age the more.
The more they grow the more their strength diminishes and the more they also yearn to be loved but wouldn’t show it. We need to understand that life is a cycle “the young shall become old” and thereafter “the old shall, in turn, become young”.

There are things you can always do even after bringing them into your home to reduce your concern over their health. 
Make your love count today!!


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