To those who gave us life what can we give back to them?

To those without who we would not be where we are today, what gift is sufficient?

In case you are wondering who I am referring to – I am referring to our dearly beloved parents.

As I think about these things it becomes even clearer that the only true befitting gift we can give back to them is a chance at a longer life, an improved quality of life and a chance to see their grandchildren grow up.

This is a reply to the GeroCare News letter last week. Pardon the vulgarity but it just goes to show how deeply hurt he was that he could not do anything for them anymore

These are thoughts that hardly cross our minds as we are so busy growing up and living our lives and often forget that our dear parents are growing old and it may soon be too late to do anything about their health.

For the price of a DSTV compact monthly plan (N 6,300)  #letgerocarehelp to give you parents and elderly loved ones the greatest gift in the world. THE GIFT OF LONG LIFE.

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