By now we should have heard about GeroCare and what they do. If you haven’t where have you been? 🙂

GeroCare is simply a service that allow Nigerians all over the world be it in the U.S, the U.K or even different states in Nigeria to subscribe for regular doctor visits for their parents and elderly loved ones in Nigeria to ensure they not only live longer but have an improved quality of life giving us one less thing to worry about while we face other aspects of our lives.

It provides the added advantage of providing us real time update on this care via the GeroCare mobile application. (For more about GeroCare watch this short 4 minute video –

The point of this article is not to dwell on the description of the service we offer but on the question Do our parents and elderly ones need it? They are fine.

Unfortunately that statement may not be entirely true as we have noted in the course of providing this service to hundreds of Nigerians over the past year. To bring reality to this statement I would like to narrate a real life experience.

About a year and a half ago, a close family member who was more or less like an uncle to me went to church one Sunday morning. He had a wonderful time at church; he even participated in the service. On getting home being that he lived alone he prepared a meal for himself and afterward settled down to call a friend of his who he had not spoken to in a long time. While discussing with this friend, suddenly the friend could not hear him anymore. Being a typical Nigerian he just assumed it was network and kept on trying to call back. Little did he know that this uncle of mine has died.

However many would say he was fine, I say him in church that morning, he even participated in the service. The question is was he fine or was nobody just monitoring him. When his blood pressure was gradually rising no one was there to take note and bring it back down, when he showed signs of imminent danger no one around him was trained enough to notice seemingly innocuous signs of danger. As he was still walking about, the general consensus was that he was fine.

The question thus is – are your parents and elderly loved ones fine or is no one just checking. By the Grace of God they are in perfect health but even if it is so there is still no better time to subscribe to GeroCare for them to ensure they remain in that state of health and if for whatever reason anything wants to creep up on them it would be nipped in the bud because you were proactive. It would not be said of your parents “but I still spoke to them this morning everything was fine, what happened?”. For the cost of a compact DSTV Subscription (N6,300) monthly you can show you care with GeroCare. Click on this link to sign up right away –


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