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When you see a group of elderly people running around, gisting, laughing, playing games and letting some sunlight hit their skin, what comes to your mind? Sometime in June 2019, Pro-Health Community Physiotherapy collaborated with partners which include:

  • Narp50plus (Nigerian Association of Retired People)
  • TVP Adventures – A Travel Experience Agency and
  • GeroCare – A subscription-based Health service for parents and the elderly

to host a gathering of elderly people to SENIORS DAY OUT – FUN IN THE PARK 2.0 – A themed event organized by Pro-Health Community Physiotherapy to enhance the general well being of elderly people.In a chit chat with the CEO of GeroCare Dr Ebi Ofery, he described the event as one which seeks to improve the health condition of the elderly as well as help detect potential illnesses that might arise due to age.What’s most spectacular about this event is, professionals are present to ascertain the health conditions of participants through engaging them in intentional exercises and games to determine their state of health.This enables them to detect early, signs of potential illnesses in the individual and thus proactively prevent them. Sounds more like a futuristic approach to counter health challenges that they might be prone to.Events of the day included; History and Storytelling time, Aerobic Dance Session, Non-Contact boxing and more.Here are some photos from the event for your delight.

Pro-Health Community Physiotherapy SENIORS DAY OUT | Gerocare

Pro-Health Community Physiotherapy SENIORS DAY OUT | Gerocare

You can learn more about this event and Pro-Health Community Physiotherapy here.



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