On the first of our Doctors’ series, we bring you Dr. Uto Essien-Adetula. She resides in Enugu, Nigeria and shared with us ust one of her memorable experiences with our client on the 31st of July, 2017.

In her words “I was assigned to see a new patient in Enugu. I called his sponsor to schedule the appointment to visit and attend to her dad the next day but she informed me that he was really ill and needed a doctor urgently. I had to ensure that I got to their house that night. It was between 7:30 pm and 8 pm that I arrived and found my patient dehydrated and too weak to eat or talk. I found out he had been having a fever for about 3 days. He also hadn’t been on his hypoglycemic agents (diabetic medication). It was clear to me that he would have benefited from gerocare care services if only they had registered him much earlier as his condition would never have deteriorated to this stage.

I decided my client was better off in a hospital where he could be monitored closely and so informed both his caregiver and sponsor on the next line of action. Fully understanding that as a GeroCare Doctor it is my duty to go above and beyond what is expected and to basically be the surrogate for their son or daughter who subscribed for the services, I personally conveyed him to a nearby hospital and discussed with the doctor on duty and he was very understanding and professional as i stood as a guarantor for payment as the caregiver and patient did not have enough money on them. The client was admitted and resuscitated over the night. The next day, I ensured he was transferred to his health care provider for further care. He is much better now and I’m happy that I was able to serve him promptly.”

The memory of this case lingers in my mind as i shudder to think what would have happened if his daughter (sponsor) had not subscribed for gerocare services for her father. What would have been his fate. If he had to present at a hospital that night, the logistic issues, the issues of deposit etc. we may have been singing a different song.

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